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By working with us now, we can help you arrange all the details that may affect your financial future, sparing you and/or your loved ones from having to make difficult decisions later.



At Fellowship Financial Planning we believe that a proactive approach to a successful retirement is not only important but necessary.

A successful retirement strategy involves having varying strategies integrated together around your personal goals. Just like building a puzzle, you need to assure that you have all the right pieces, know how they fit together and create your vision of retirement in each of the strategic planning areas.

Coordinating your taxation, distribution, investment, risk management, and planning strategies with your personal legal and tax advisors and our network of outside professionals, you will experience the value that comes from creating a Comprehensive Retirement Strategy.



Fellowship Financial Planning gives you the ability to organize all your advisors and assets and consolidate them in the same place at the same time.

Imagine a single platform through which all your financial matters may be managed. Your assets. Your private documents. Your financial and estate plan. Your retirement and cash flow models.

We organize your assets, asset allocation strategy, insurance, and your financial and estate plans to help simplify, consolidate and integrate every aspect of your financial future. Your updated financial status is automatically integrated into your comprehensive financial and estate plan, continuously providing you with meaningful, up-to-date analysis.



Financial planning is the process of pursuing your life goals through the proper management of your finances. Life goals can include buying a home, saving for your child’s education or planning for retirement.

Financial planning provides direction and meaning to your financial decisions. It allows you to understand how each financial decision you make affects other areas of your finances. By viewing each financial decision as part of a whole, you can consider its short and long-term effects on your life goals. You can also adapt more easily to life changes and potentially feel more secure that your goals are on track.



A 403(b) plan is a retirement savings plan, sponsored by a tax-exempt organization or public school, that offers significant tax benefits while helping you plan for the future. You contribute to the plan via payroll deduction, which can make it easier for you to save for retirement.

While a 403(b) plan can make you wait up to a year to participate, many plans let you to begin contributing with your first paycheck. Some plans also provide for automatic enrollment. If you’ve been automatically enrolled, make sure to check that your default contribution rate and investments are appropriate for your circumstances.


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